Do You REALLY Believe?

Verse of the Day:

“I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?” – John 3:12

First of all, Happy New Year! I know I have been away for a while.  The cold/flu virus really hit me and I have been sipping hot tea with honey, sucking on cough drops and sleeping a lot. It hit me the day after Christmas. With my heart I have to hit the antibiotics at the first sign of infection and my immune system isn’t always up to snuff. So it’s been quiet around here. My husband and I rang in the New Year with Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark on the couch and let me tell you, that was the most boring New Years Eve EVER! We will have to pull it together next year…

Since I spent my holiday sick and yucky I watch some TV and read some books. While lounging I couldn’t help miss the heart wrenching story of Ben Breedlove on YouTube. He too had a heart defect. My husband and I cried when we watched this. We are both praying for his family and friends. This video sparked a lot in me.

People all over the world are reacting to this video and this young man who shared his story.  And I believe it. I too have had experiences in my life.  But most of the time people are not as kind in their reactions and I want to throw this out there… with no disrespect to Ben or any of his family and loved ones… but, if he was still here, would you be so willing to believe??

I am asking this question because as a believer of God, Jesus Christ and of Heaven I am constantly challenged by those who do not believe.  I am often questioned, “how do you know God is real?”, “how do you know the bible is real?”, “I believe Jesus was a good man but not the Savior.”… I have heard a lot of questions and statements.  And I don’t mind.  I have never been a shove my beliefs in your face kind of person.  I would rather live my life by example.  I want people to meet me and know that I believe because of the way I act and live my life, not because I am shoving my religion down their throat.  At the same time, I believe because of the experiences in my own life.

I could tell you why I believe.  But would you believe me?  We live in a world where nations are killing each other over their beliefs.  We live in a country where it is no longer acceptable to pray in our schools. America is becoming a nation of Political Correctness. Not a nation under God.  Yet a young man dies and overnight his message of God, heaven and angels goes viral. His pastor is seen on CNN speaking at his memorial service and his mother did a live interview shortly after his funeral. All because he shared his story and his belief of God and of heaven… and now he is there. And I truly believe that he is.

No one stands up anymore and says, this is right, this is how it is supposed to be. There is more to this story than an awesome young man and his brave story. He ended that story with a question… Challenging everyone who sees that video to question what they believe. He is not asking you to feel sorry for him. That kid is using his life to move people and now a nation into question. Pick a side. Do you Believe?

God did not send Jesus to condemn the world, He sent Him to save it (John 3:16-20). He came to save the broken, the hurt, the lost, the sick, the suffering.  He wanted to teach us and to love us.  It is our choice, our will to do with that what we want.

For 33 years I have battled my illness.  And for all of those years I have known one true thing. I am not walking this road alone.  It would be trite of me to share a personal encounter of my own here. I do have them, but my life in and of itself speaks of the works of God.  God is real, Jesus is real, heaven is real. God loves you just as much as He loves me. I am speaking from what I know and what I have been a witness to in my life. Will you listen to me?

I know I am standing on my soapbox here, and I know that I am doing it in the wake of a young man’s death.  I really mean no harm.  As a matter of fact, I have a great respect for this young man.  And my heart bleeds for his family.  I am praying for all of them. My husband, my family, and I all know how precious and short life is. Ben believed in God and had a great message to share… I hope you really heard what was being said.

If you would like to know more about my heart condition or Ben Breedlove’s please visit the More About Me page.

6 thoughts on “Do You REALLY Believe?

  1. Sorry to hear you are sick. I have been down with it since new years day. Not exactly how i wanted to start the year. I hope it isn’t a sign of the year to come.
    i am glad you are feeling better. I always enjoy reading your blog, so keep them coming.

    1. Annie, I am sorry to hear you are under the weather. Not a fun way to start the new year for sure! I will say prays and send healthy vibes your way! Maybe this means your getting it out of the way and you will be well and ready to tackle 2012! I am so happy you enjoy the blog! I hope you are a follower! Happy New year and feel better soon! God Bless!

    1. Fixed the link, incase you haven’t seen the video… it is worth watching. Thank you for your the message you left me on your page. It was beautiful and I appreciate the kindness and support… I am also here, if you ever need a prayer. Blessings to you my friend!!


  2. Gena I hope you are feeling better! Loved reading this- so thoughtful and genuine…it strengthens my faith and makes me think, and be thankful! I know we are never alone in good times and bad. Thank God!
    Thank you so much for sharing. Love you!
    Sara and Champ (who spent New Years like you did lol!)

  3. your faith in God really pleases me.. although I am not a “firm” believer in God but I respect other’s opinions and so I respect your opinion.. this has always been a subject of my interest and so I’ve something to say

    if you believe in something then that thing, or event or, whatever it is, is very much true and is definitely existent… if not in a pure physical form then in the form of thoughts, and also in the sub-conscious world!

    the mighty power, that you believe in, called “God” is something else for me.. it’s the ability to think, doesn’t matter if the thoughts are good or bad. 🙂

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