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Yesterday I Was The Grinch!

Verse of the Day:
The Lord is good to all, 
And His tender mercies are over 
all His works.  – Psalm 145:9


Yesterday I was the Grinch! With a capitol GRINCH! I did not feel good at all on Wednesday. Nothing was particularly wrong with me but my chest hurt, I was exhausted, couldn’t catch my breath and and pacemaker kept jacking me up. This is what happens sometimes in my life. Somedays are yucky and not fun. I live in a full body with only half of a heart and that half of a heart lives on a mechanical valve and a pacemaker and all my organs are backwards. Somedays are just going to wear me down whether I like it or not. And yesterday was one of those days. But instead of crawling back in bed and pulling the covers over my head like I really wanted to do, I had a day to fulfill. I needed to get my laundry done and my house cleaned, I needed to help my husband at his office with his overwhelming orders (praise God!) and so on, blah, blah, blah….

After my errands I came home and got ready to go out for the evening. I was completely exhausted and I just wanted to throw my jammie’s on and crawl on my couch, but alas it was my dear friend Tiffany’s Birthday and if I have to draw up energy from the depths of hell source of my fab strength then that is what I would do for Tiff. Only a handful of people in my life are worth that kind of effort and she is one of them. So we went out to Tafia, a wonderful restaurant on Travis at Alabama. It was Phenomenal! I mean sit down, shut your mouth good! And the Maple Rum Sour made my heart grow 3 sizes bigger that day! 🙂 No joke! I was a little Whoo down in Whoovillie by the time the night was over. I only had one too! Mostly I just needed an attitude adjustment and a couple hits off my inhaler and some rest but time with friends can always make me feel better!

I turned my day around by just the ebb and flow of moving through the day. I still felt yucky the whole time, but I needed to just push on and get it done. Once we (Ryan and I) were done rest awaited us at home in our snuggly bed with our Krissy girl. And it did’t turn out to be a horrible day. I just felt grumpy for most of it, and I hate walking around feeling grumpy. I am so far from grumpy. We all have our days though, the good, the bad and the grinchy! What can you do!? Do you ever feel that way?

Today I was a totally Cindy Lou Who down in Whooville shopping and baking. Cooking and spending time with friends and family. It was wonderful, the best day in a long time. I felt like a champion today. And I got to spend the evening with my brother Geoff, Nicole, his wife and Tyler my super handsome nephew. They make me so happy!

That is how it goes with this heart defect thing. One day your great, one day your ho-hum-and one day you want to cancell Christmas because you are pretty sure positive you could kick the Ginch’s green butt if you had the energy! Here’s to many more days in Whooville!

One thought on “Yesterday I Was The Grinch!

  1. Dude! I knew you hadn’t had the best day but wow… you are a phenomenal actress. I love you more than words can express and am so glad you and Ryan were there to celebrate with us that night. YOU’RE MY FAVORITE, LUCY!!

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