My Favorites

Favorite Verses – I would not survive without my God, my Jesus. In my darkest hours these verses lift my spirits and remind me that not only am I not alone but Jesus has gone before me and is still with me. Have faith always!

– Jeremiah 1:5

– Jeremiah 29:11

– Proverbs 31:25

– 1 Peter 4:1-2

– Matthew 5:8

– Proverbs 31:30

– John 3:16

– John 9:1-3*

– John 6:63

– Isaiah 40:31

My Awesome Doctors – These Doctors have saved my life, have helped make me who I am today and some of them will be a part of my family for life. Saying thank you will never be enough.

Dr. Dearani (Surgeon) – This man holds my heart in his hand, literally. He is not only the best surgeon I know, but truly an upstanding man who I trust and care for because he has given so much back to me. It is truly a gift from God that this Outlier is in my life.

Dr. Cannon (EP)

Dr. Driscoll (Cardiologist) – What can I say? Since day one this man has been in my life and he has always had my best interests at heart. (no pun intended) He is a character but a fantastic doctor and a wonderful man. I am very blessed to have known him.

Dr. Bicilier-Denktas (Houston Cardio) – What do you say about a woman who is a hero of yours? This woman cares so much and it really means the world to me. She will email me (at 2 a.m., because she is super human) and check on me to see how I have been feeling. I am so blessed to have such a great doctor here at home. Not only is she a phenomenal doctor (adult and pedi, y’all!) she loves fashion and shoes as much as I do! Total Bonus!! 🙂 Dr. Bicilier-Denktas for the win!!!

Dr. Numan (Houston EP) – This guy, he encourages me, he keeps my pacer in check… and every once and a while we tap dance about meds.  But, Dr. Numan is also one of my favorites!

Dr. Davis (Family GP) – Dr D. We have known each other fifteen plus years. You have walk through good, bad, and ugly times with me. You are not just my family doctor you have become a friend. You were there for the worst days… And you helped me get to the best! Thank you!

Dr. Perry (Plastics)

My PA’s and Nurses That Rock! – It takes a special kind of person to be a PA and a Nurse. These people hold your hand, take care of you everyday, see you at your worst and triumph with you at your best. They are true heroes in my book and deserve all the gratitude in the world!

Kelly (Houston) – my sister, my friend, and a very awesome PA. I could not have recovered as well as I did from anything without your love and your help. I love ya!

Lucinda (Mayo)

Robert (Mayo)

Rhonda (Houston)

Wade (Mary Brigh 5)

Lauren (Mary Brigh 5)

Andrey (Mary Brigh 5)

Erika (Mary Brigh 5)

Caitlin (Mary Brigh 5)

Monica (Mary Brigh 5)

Janet (Mary Brigh 5)

Cheryl (Mary Brigh 5)

Pastor Peeps – MDUMC Representing God… Most Importantly!

Daniel Irving – Yo! It has been my pleasure to serve with you. You have  supported me through so much.  Thank you doesn’t seem like enough. You have also broke bread with me in the hospital and have been there for some of the really bad moments. I am so grateful to you and Jean. Your a Superstar in our books!

Suzy Reedstrom – My friend, you have traveled a few roads with me. I am forever grateful for all your support and phone chats. You are a wonderful Pastor and a fantastic woman, survivor and friend. Love you!

Susan Wiley – you certainly are Wiley and funny, and a joy to be around. Plus you are so wise. I love it and you.

Collin Taylor – you are humble yet bold my friend. Your visits and your prayers have always meant a lot. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Kristi Garner – Without your encouragement, I wouldn’t be walking in my joy today!

Medical Supply Team

Angel Medical Supply – B.J. Prendergrast

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