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Take Chances

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

– Philippians 4:13

Well 2016 was going to be the year of my SMILE! It started off that way.  My divorce was final, I had a place of my own and a job that I loved.  I was walking on sunshine, baby, not a thing in the world was going to bring me down. I was even attending Bible study every week and getting my Jesus on. Joy abound in my heart and in my life.  I was happy, heathy, killing it in the gym, dating, spending quality time with my family, it was like I had finally reached steady, solid ground.  img_3236I mean, for the first time in years I was laughing joyfully on a daily basis and nothing in my foreseeable future was going to bring me down. Oh boy, I was in for a world of hurt right around the corner and had no idea a metaphorical Mack truck was about to turn my life upside down.

I hear the scripture above a lot, from so many people.  It is a great reminder, but sometimes I feel like some people don’t understand the story behind this famous scripture quote.  This quote comes from a letter that Paul wrote to the Philippians, and leading up to this he tells them that he has learned to be content in whatever situation he may find himself in. The highs and lows, abundance and starvation, every trial he has faced in life he understands he will be okay and he knows this now because he has learned that he can do all things through him who gives him strength.  That is the key we often miss. Continue reading “Take Chances”